İnsulated Flexible Cooper Busbars are formed by coating sheet overlapping each other by special PVC compound. They are safe connectors.

These flexible bars can be easly formed and conserve their shape avoiding deformation for a long period.

these connectors are capable of carrying more electrical current than rigid bars hence having several layers tahat increase that electrical current surface. Therefore, the flexibke bars can easily be used in samller cross sections when compared to rigid bars, where upon they constitute cost reduction.

The dimensions which are shown in the table are standart sizes.Our production limits are; from 09mm up to 120mm width, from 1 to 10 layers of cooper sheets thickness of 0.5,0.8 or 1.00mm

Production standart 2 meters , For special requirements 5-6 metres can be done  MOQ have to be not less than 200 metres .We are able to produce the sizes and dimensions as per your order and requirements.