Insulated flexible copper busbars are formed by putting sheets of copper one on another and overlaping each other by a special PVC compound heated up to 200 degrees. Flexible copper busbars are also use instead of usual cables because they have a lot of advantages like:
–  They can be easily formed and keep their shape for a long period;
– Provide space-saving and aesthetic installation. With the same amperage you can use flexible busbar with 30-50% less cross-section that normal cable. For another thing, due to its ability to take any shape you need, you can reach even more free space;
– Since flexible copper busbars do not need to be reshaped a lot and provide a direct connection with copper core, it is more safe in service;
– Flexible copper busbars provide huge cost reduction. In opposition to usual cable, busbars do not need a lot of extra installation stuff like clamps, fixing materials, ties, support trays etc.
In the table below you can find a list of most usable flexible copper busbars’ dismensions. Our productıon limits are 0,5 – 0,8 – 1 mm from 1 to 10 layers of copper with width from 9 mm up to 120 mm.
Standard size of ready good is 2 m, for special orders (200 m and over) we can produce 5-6 m pieces.